Freemaq Hybrid Inverter

The Power Electronics Freemaq Hybrid modular inverter architecture can be designed to support solar generation and energy storage in a single inverter, or even having individual battery systems. Each power module can be designated as either a power module to export PV power or as a bi-directional power module designed to support energy storage.

The Freemaq Hybrid is the perfect solution for having a solar inverter with storage capabilities integrated, such as Peak Shaving, Ramp Rate control, Frequency Regulation and Load Leveling, without the need of an additional transformer.

Within this architecture, the AC bus is designed to match the minimum DC voltage on either the solar or battery system. In the DC side, the inputs for each power module are independent. The Power Electronics Hybrid Inverter is available with 1 to 7 power modules dedicated to energy storageĀ 

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