The Power Electronics HEM Medium Voltage power station is designed for utility scale solar applications that require the advantages of a central inverter solution but also modularity of a string architecture. The HEM system has a nominal power of 3MW at 50°C, a wide MPPT window and an integrated Medium Voltage transformer and switchgear making the new HEM station a significant cost savings for utility scale solar applications.

Its architecture, composed of six 500kW field replaceable units regulated by a redundant central control system, is designed to provide the highest availability and optimize yield production. Thanks to the Power Electronics patented filter-less “Cyclone Drive” cooling system, the HEM can be installed in extreme environments and still guarantee rated power production up to 50°C.

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Its use in Utility Scale PV plants provides considerable savings of the installation, since having an integrated MV transformer and switchgear reduces the need of additional connections between the LV and MV sides.

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